Knorr Eligible Job Titles

The job titles in the Settlement Class are listed below for persons who worked from January 1, 2009 through April 3, 2018 for Knorr Brake Company LLC or New York Air Brake LLC.

2nd Shift Supervisor

ABS Controller

ABS Sales & Site Manager

AM, Automation & Controlling Engineer 4

APO Bus Expert/SAP Prod Data Specialist


APU Labor (Genset Builder)

APU Lead

Account Coordinator

Account Manager

Accountant Clerk

Accounting & Tax Specialist

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Clerk 2

Accounting Clerk Sr

Accounts Payable & Receivable Manager

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Clerk 1

Accounts Payable Clerk 2

Accounts Payable Clerk I

Accounts Payable Lead

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Acting Director, Quality (KBC)

Acting Director, Rail Services

Acting Engineering Admin

Acting Program Manager

Adv Calibration

Adv Calibration (HS)

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer 3

Advanced Manufacturing Engr

Advanced Manufacturing Engr Jr

Advanced Manufacturing Manager

Aftermarket Sales Rep

Aftermarket Sales Representative

Air Compressor

Air Compressor Lead

Air Compressor Sandblaster

Air Compressor Tear Down Labor

Air Compressor/Machine Shop Lead

Air Dryer

Air Dryer Lead

Applications Engineer

Applications Engineer 3

Applications Engineer/Dyno Dept. Manager

Applications Engr

Assembly III

Assembly Test Technician

Assembly Test Technician - Cell Leader

Assistant Controller

Assistant Controller - Premtec

Assistant Controller SBU

Assistant Facility Manager

Assistant Shop Coordinator

Assistant Western Regional Manager

Associate Manufacturing Engineer

Assy I

Assy II

Assy III

Assy lll

BU Controller


Batch System Operator

Briquette System Operator

Bus Proc Exp-Customs & Trade Compliance

Business Process Expert - Materials Mgmt

Business Process Expert - Warehouse Mgmt

Business Stream Manager


Buyer 1

Buyer 2

Buyer I

Buyer III

Buyer Planner 2

Buyer Std Commodities

Buyer/Materials Planner

Buyer/Planner 1

Buyer/Planner 1 (KC)

Buyer/Planner 1 (Premtec)

Buyer/Planner 2

Buyer/Planner 3

Buyer/Simulator Support

CAD Drafter 1

CAD Drafter 2

CAD Drafter 3

CCB Loco A&T

CCC Paid Repair Customer Srv

CCC Warranty Administration

Cad Drafter

Cell Expert

Cell Leader

Certified Welder

Chief Engineer

CoC Manager - Doors

CoC-Engineering Team Lead

Commodity Manager

Commodity Manager 1

Commodity Manager 2

Commodity Manager 3

Commodity Manager 3 - Electronics

Commodity Manager Jr

Commodity Manager, Jr.

Configuration Management Spvr

Configuration Management Supervisor

Contract Administrator


Controller NYAB

Corporate Customs Compliance Supervisor

Corporate Trans Customs Compliance Mgr

Cost Accountant/Financial Analyst

Cost Analyst

Cost Engineer

Cost Engineer 2


Credit & Collections Lead

Credit & Collections Manager

Customer SCM Manager

Customer Service /Sales Administrator

Customer Service Administrator

Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Rep 1

Customer Service Rep 2

Customer Service Rep 2, International

Customer Service Rep 2, OE

Customer Service Rep 3

Customer Service Rep 3, OE

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative 1

Customer Service, Lead

Customer Service/Shipping Clerk

Customer Srv Manager

Cyl Machining

Cylinder Machining

DB60 A&T

DB60 Machining

Data Coordinator

Demand Planner Analyst

Dep Director of PUR & Demand Planning

Deputy Director of OE Project Management

Deputy Director of OE Sales

Deputy Director of Purchasing

Deputy Director of Supply Chain

Deputy Project Director, NYCT

Design Engr

Design Validation Manager


Director CoC Brakes

Director Engr Electrical Software

Director Engr Mechanical

Director Engr Product Owners

Director Engr RAMS

Director Engr Sales Systems

Director Engr Services

Director Engr Systems Dev

Director Engr TDS

Director Freight OE Sales

Director International & Loco OE Sales

Director International Sales

Director Marketing & Sales

Director OE Locomotive Sales

Director Of Engineering, TDS Division

Director Operations/Program Management

Director PMO

Director Project Managing & Operations

Director Rail Services

Director Sourcing

Director TDS

Director of Agile Practice

Director of Agile Program Management

Director of Business Unit

Director of Continuous Improvement

Director of Controlling

Director of Controlling and Finance

Director of Doors Business Unit

Director of Finance

Director of Logistics

Director of Manufacturing

Director of Marketing

Director of Meta-Scrum Product Ownership

Director of Operational Excellence

Director of Operations

Director of Operations and Engineering

Director of Purchasing

Director of Quality

Director of Quality Systems

Director of Rail Services

Director of Sales

Director of Supply Chain Management

Director, Brakes Business Unit

Director, Business Development

Director, Customer Service

Director, Engineering

Director, Engineering Brakes

Director, Engr Systems Dev

Director, Finance

Director, HVAC Business Unit

Director, Programs

Director, Project Management

Director, Quality

Director, Rail Services

Director, Sales & Marketing

Director, Sales & Systems

Director, Sales & Systems - Engineering

Director, Sales & Systems - Sales

Director, Supply Chain

Document Control Specialist

Documentation Clerk

Domestic & Intl Transportation Clerk

Domestic & Intl Transportation Spec

EP60 A&T

Elec Technician (HS)

Electical Engineer 2


Electrical Engineer 2

Electrical Engineer 3

Electrical Engineer 4

Electrical Engr 1

Electrical Engr 2

Electrical Engr 3

Electrical Engr 4

Electrical Engr 5

Electrical Lead

Electrical Technician

Electrician (HS)

Electro-Mechanical Engineer

Electronic HW Engr 2

Electronic System Engineer

Electronic Systems Engineer

Electronic Systems Engineer Team Leader

Electronic Technician

Electronics Systems Engineer

Electronics Systems Engineering Manager

Electronics Test Technician

Electronics Test Technician (PT)

Embedded Software Engineer Associate

Embedded Systems Developer

Embedded Systyms Developer


Engineer, General

Engineer, General (PT)

Engineering Manager

Engineering Support Specialist

Engr Logistics Coord

Engr Prod Data Mgt Supervisor

Engr Production Services Senior Spec

Engr Tools and Configuration Specialist


Expediter / Buyer

Fabrication Lead

Facilities Maint Tech & Electrician

Facilities Maintenance Technician

Facilities Manager

Facilities and Logistics Specialist

Facilities and Warehouse Manager

Facilities and Warehouse Specialist

Facility & HSE Lead

Facility Maintenance Electrician

Field Service Applications Specialist

Field Service Applications Supervisor

Field Service Engineer

Field Service Engineer I

Field Service Mechanic

Field Service Rep - Site Supervisor

Field Service Representative

Field Service Site Supervisor

Field Service Specialist

Field Service Specialist 1

Field Service Specialist 2

Field Service Specialist Sr

Field Service Specialist, Senior

Field Service Supervisor

Field Service Technician

Field Service Technician I

Field Service Technician II

Field Service and Sales Manager

Field Service and Sales Specialist

Field Services Specialist 2

Field Srv Application Engr

Field Srv Engr

Field Srv Project Mgr

Field Srv Rep

Field Srv Spec

Field Srv Spec/Inside Sales

Field Srv Technician

Field Support Coordinator

Final Inspector

Finance Admin Generalist/Bookkeeper

Finance Admin Generalist/Bookkeeper 3

Financial Accountant

Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst / IFE

Financial Analyst 1

Financial Analyst I

Fixed Asset & Cost Analyst

Fixture Mechanic

Flex Production

Freight Control Valve

Freight Control Valve A&T

Freight Control Valve A&T - Section Lead

Freight OE Sales Manager

Freight OE Sales Manager, Sr

Fuel Crane

Fuel Cranes Lead

GIS Analyst 1

GIS Analyst 2

GIS Analyst I

GIS Anaylst 1

General Maintenance (HS)

General Maintenance 1 (HS)

General Maintenance Dyno

General Maintenance Leadman

General Maintenance Mechanic

General Maintenance-1

General Maintenance-2

General Maintenance-Tooling Coord

General Shop Labor Nixa

Global Client Services Lead

Global Transportation Specialist

Graphic Designer 2

Group Leader

HSE Manager

HVAC Assembly Technician

HVAC Assembly Test Technician

HVAC CoC Manager

HVAC Electrical System Engineer

HVAC Electrical Systems Engineer

HVAC Electronics Repair Electrician (PT)

HVAC Engineering Coordinator

HVAC Engineering Support Specialist

HVAC General Assembler

HVAC Mechanical Assembler

HVAC Mechanical Designer

HVAC Mechanical Engineer

HVAC Power and Controls Engineer

HVAC Rail Services Manager

HVAC Repair Tech

HVAC Repair Technician

HVAC Strategic Purchasing Specialist

HVAC Supplier Development Specialist

HVAC System Validation Engineer

HVAC Systems Engineer

HVAC Tech - Assembler

HVAC Technician (HS)

HVAC Test Technician

HVAC Test Technician - Cell Leader

Hand Brake

Health Safety & Environmental Manager

Health Safety Environmental Specialist

Health and Safety Specialist - PREMTEC

Health and Safety Specialist - Watertown

Hose Lead

Hose Product Development

Hose Products Sales Manager

Hose Technician 1

Hose Technician 1B

Hose Technician 1C

Hose Technician 2

Hose Technician 2A

Hose Technician 2B

Hose Technician 3

Hose Technician 3A

Hose and Specialty Products Manager

IC Supply Chain Manager

IFE Sales and Systems Manager

IS Manager

Improvement Specialist

In Supply Analyst

In Supply Coordinator Sr

Indirect Buyer

Industrial Engineer

Inside Sales Manager

Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales/Field Service Technician


Interim Manager – Sales and Systems

International Sales & Support Supervisor

International Sales Account Manager

International Sales Representative

Inventory Control - Customer Srv Spec

Inventory Control Clerk

Inventory Control Specialist

Inventory Control Specialist 2

Inventory Spec/Material Coord

Inventory Specialist/Material Coord

Jr Quality Engineer/KPI Specialist

Junior Manufacturing Engineer

Junior Quality Engineer

Junior Technical Illustrator

Junior Technical Writer

KC/KBL Assistant Controller

KPS Champion

KPS Leader

KPS Manager

Kitting Assembler

Lab Technician

Lab Technician 1

Lab Technician 2

Lead HVAC Mechanical Engineer

Lead HVAC Systems Engineer

Lead Inspection

Lead Person

Lead Software Engr

Lead System Engineer

Lead Systems Engineer

Leader, HVAC Mechanical Engineer

Leader, Mechanical Design

Line Feeder

Line Worker

Loco A&T


Locomotive A&T

Locomotive OE Sales Rep

Logistics & Trade Compliance Specialist

Logistics & Warehouse Manager

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Manager

Logistics Order Administrator

Logistics Spec

Logistics Specialist

Logistics Specialist 2

Logistics Specialist I

Logistics Specialist II

Logistics and Material Analyst

Logistics and Warehouse Supervisor

Lube Mechanic

MRP Controller

Machine Repair

Machine Repair (HS)

Machine Shop

Machine Shop Lead

Machining (HS)


Machinist II

Machinist-Short Cycle

Maint Mech A-Electrician

Maint Mech A-Pipe/Plumb


Maintenance Electrical Technician

Maintenance Electrical Technician - 2nd

Maintenance Helper

Maintenance Specialist

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician 2

Maintenance and Reliability Engineer

Manager Aftermarket Sales

Manager Business Development

Manager Corporate Trans Customs Complian

Manager Customer Service

Manager Electronic Engr

Manager Engineering Services

Manager Engineering Test

Manager Engr ABS

Manager Engr Hardware

Manager Engr Loco Sys Dev

Manager Engr Mechanical

Manager Engr Product Data Mgmt

Manager Engr Shared Services

Manager Engr Software

Manager Engr Sustaining

Manager Engr Systems

Manager Engr Systems Quality

Manager Engr Systems Verification

Manager Engr TCS Dev

Manager Engr Tech Pubs

Manager Engr Test

Manager Facilities and Equip Maintenance

Manager Field Service

Manager Freight Systems Engr

Manager In-Supply

Manager Locomotive Sales

Manager NPI Programs

Manager OEM Freight Sales

Manager Quality HSE Systems

Manager Sales OE Brakes

Manager Sales and Systems Engr

Manager Systems Engr

Manager of Accounting

Manager of Adv Manuf Engr

Manager of Business Dev/Tech Transfer

Manager of Electronics Engineering

Manager of PMO

Manager of Quality Assurance

Manager of Sales and Project Management

Manager of Software Engineering

Manager, Accounting

Manager, Accounting and Reporting

Manager, Aftermarket Bus. Development

Manager, Business Unit Controller-Brakes

Manager, Contracts & Logistics

Manager, Cost Accounting

Manager, Document Control

Manager, Engineering Services

Manager, FS North America

Manager, FS Northeast

Manager, FS Northeast & Central

Manager, Facilities

Manager, Maintenance Services

Manager, Manuals & Training

Manager, Material Control

Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Manager, Merak Finance & IT Services

Manager, Operations Brakes & Doors

Manager, Planning & Logistics

Manager, Project & Systems Eng. HVAC

Manager, Purchasing

Manager, Rail Services Sales Logistics

Manager, Sales & Business Development

Manager, Sales Logistics

Manager, Sales and Systems Engineering

Manager, Service

Manager, Shop Operations

Manager, Software & Electr. Engineering

Manager, Supplier Quality

Manager, Supply Chain

Manager, Systems Engineering

Manager, Systems Engineering Doors

Manager, Systems Integration Verificatio

Manager, Tech Pubs & Document Control

Manager, Warehouse

Managing Team Leader

Manufacturing Electronics Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engr

Manufacturing Engr Manager

Manufacturing Master Production Schedule

Manufacturing Services Manager

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst, Senior

Marketing Coord

Marketing Coord 3

Master Scheduler

Material Acquisition Specialist

Material Coord

Material Coord Team Leader

Material Coordinator

Material Expediter

Material Expeditor

Material Handler

Material Handler (PT)

Material Handler 1

Material Handler 2

Material Handling

Material Hnd A

Material Planner

Material Planner Team Lead

Material Planning Team Lead

Material Requirements Planner 1

Material Requirements Planner 2

Material Requirements Planner 3

Materials & Planning Prod Supervisor

Materials Coord

Materials Coord 2

Materials Coord A

Materials Handler 1

Materials Handler 2

Materials Manager

Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Designer, HVAC

Mechanical Development Engr

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer 1

Mechanical Engineer 2

Mechanical Engineer Jr.

Mechanical Engineering Team Leader

Mechanical Engr 1

Mechanical Engr 2

Mechanical Engr 3

Mechanical Engr 4

Mechanical Engr 5

Mechanical Engr 5S

Mechanical Systems Engineering Manager

Mgr International Sales and Market Deve


Mgr, Engineering & Strategic Purchasing

Mgr. Indust. Manufacturing Engineering

Mgr. Manufacturing Engineering

Mgr., HVAC Engineer & Strategic Planning

Millwright Maintenance

Mold Press Oper A

Mold Press Operator

NC/PC Machinist (HS)


Nozzle Lead

OE Customer Srv Rep

OE Sales & PM Manager, LRV/Hydraulics

OE Sales & PM Manager, Mainline

OE Sales & PM Manager, Met/E&DMU/Com/HSR

OE/Spare Customer Service

OE/Spare Customer Srv

Off Shift Supervisor

Oil Free Compressor (HS)

On-Board Systems PM Manager

On-Board Systems Production Manager

Operations Manager

Operations Manager - Brakes, KPS Manager

Operations Services Supervisor & Planner

Operations Specialist


Paid Repair CSR



Painter - Cell Leader

Peripheral A&T

Peripheral A&T - Shift Lead

Peripheral A&T 1

Peripheral A&T 2

Peripherals A&T 2

Physical Inventory Audit


Planner & Production Supervisor


Plant Manager

Pneumatic Systems Engineering Team Lead

Preventative Maintenance Coordinator

Pricing Analyst

Principal Engr

Principal Systems Safety Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Engineer - PREMTEC

Process Engineer - Warehouse Operations

Process Engineer 2

Process Engineer 3

Process Engr

Process Improvement Manager

Process Quality Engr

Procurement Project Manager

Procurement Specialist

Product & Quality Systems Leader

Product Data Analyst

Product Data Analyst 1

Product Designer

Product Line Manager

Product Line Manager Sr

Product Line Mgr Sr

Product Quality Engr

Product Quality Engr Sr

Product Quality Manager Sr

Product Quality Manager, Sr.

Production Coordinator

Production Line Manager, Jr.

Production Manager

Production Manager, Freight

Production Requirements Scheduler

Production Specialist

Production Supervisor

Production Supervisor, Locomotive

Production Technician 2

Production Technician 3

Program Coordinator

Program Manager

Program Manager Sr

Program Manager, Ideas @ Work

Project Administrator

Project Controller

Project Controller I

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator - NYCT

Project Manager

Project Manager - HVAC

Project Manager - NYCT

Project Manager - Selectron

Project Manager 1

Project Manager 2

Project Manager Jr

Project Manager Sr

Project Manager, Ops Planning & Dev

Project Manager/Planner

Project Mgr

Project Portfolio Coordinator

Project Quality Engineer

Project Quality Engineering Supervisor

Project Quality Manager

Proposal Manager


Purchasing Manager

QA Administrator

QA Improvement Associate

QA Inspector/Warehouse Clerk

Quality Assistant

Quality Assurance Lead Auditor

Quality Control

Quality Coordinator

Quality Coordinator 2

Quality Data Analyst

Quality Data Analyst 2

Quality Engineer

Quality Engineer - Brakes

Quality Engineer - Doors & Brakes

Quality Engineer - HVAC

Quality Engineer 2

Quality Engineer 3

Quality Engineer 4

Quality Inspection Supervisor

Quality Inspector

Quality Lab Technician

Quality Lab Technician 2

Quality Lab Technician 3

Quality Manager

Quality Support Specialist

Quality Technician

RAMS Engineer 3

RAMS Engr 1

RAMS Engr 2

RAMS Engr 3

RAMS Engr 4

RAMS LCC Electrical Engr


RMA Coordinator

RMA Technician

RMSH Eng Team Leader

RMSH Engineering Manager

RS Account Coordinator

RS Account Manager

RS Bids & Proposals Manager

RS Business Analyst

RS Business Development Manager

RS Engineering Manager

RS Field Service Manager

RS Field Support Engineer

RS Material Coordinator

RS Project Coordinator

RS Project Manager

RS Proposal Specialist

RS Regional Sales Manager

RS Sales Administration Coordinator

RS Sales Engineer

RS Sales Logistics Coordinator

RS Sales Logistics Expeditor

RS Sales Representative

RS Service Center Manager

RS Sr. Project Manager

RS Technical Sales Specialist

RS Technical Services Manager

Rail Service Expeditor

Rail Service Technician

Rail Services Material Coordinator

Rail Services Sales Manager

Receiving Inspection Team Lead

Receiving Inspector

Regional Manager SC FIT Americas

Regional Planning Specialist

Regional Quality Mgr Rail Srv

Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Manager Sr

Regional Sales Manager, Senior

Reliability & Quality Manager

Reliability Engineer

Repair Cost & Inventory Analyst

Repair Shop Administrator

Repair Shop Cell Leader

Repair Shop Coordinator

Repair Shop Supervisor

Repair Shop Technician

Repair Shop Technician - Cell Leader

Repair Shop Test Technician

Repair Tech/Warehouse Worker

Repair Technician

Repair Technician 1

Repair Technician 2

Repair Technician 3

Repair Technician, Brakes

SAP Business Process & Innovation Mgr

SBU Business Process Manager

SBU Planning Manager

SBU Production Scheduling Manager

SBU Supply Chain Manager

SC Team Leader

SCE Manager

SCM Administrator

SCM Team Leader/Manager

Safety Manager

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Sales Administration Coordinator

Sales Coordinator - Aftermarket

Sales Coordinator, OEM Brakes

Sales Engr

Sales Logistics Coordinator

Sales Manager

Sales Manager N. America - Sigma MID


Scrum Business Analyst

Secondary Ops

Section Lead - Freight Control Valve A&T

Section Leader Freight Control Valve A&T

Section Leader Locomotive A&T

Section Leader Secondary Ops

Section Leader Warehousing

Segment Leader

Semi Metalic Hot Forming Operator

Semi Metalic Laborer / Operator

Semi Metalic Operator

Semi Metallic Laborer / Operator

Semi-Metallic Hot Forming Operator

Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Senior Cost & Business Analyst

Senior Cost Analyst

Senior Customer Srv Accts Payable Spec

Senior Design Engr

Senior Designer

Senior Director of Quality & HSE

Senior Electro Mech Packaging Engr

Senior Electronic Hardware Dev Engr

Senior Field Srv Spec

Senior Manager Planning & Logistics

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Senior Process Engr

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager - HVAC

Senior Quality & HSE Specialist - TDS

Senior Quality & HSE Systems Specialist

Senior Quality Engineer

Senior Quality Technician

Senior Software Engr

Senior Staff Engineer

Senior Supplier Quality Assur Engr

Senior Supply Chain Manager

Senior Systems Engr

Senior Tax Analyst

Senior Techncial Writer

Senior Technical Illustrator

Senior Technical Writer

Senior Technical Writer, Team Leader

Senior Test Engr

Senior Test Technician

Senior Tool Engr


Service Shop

Shift Supervisor

Shipping & Receiving Clerk

Shipping Clerk

Shipping Coordinator

Shipping Coordinator, Team Lead

Shipping Labor

Shipping Lead

Shop Labor Nixa

Six Sigma Black Belt Business Process Im

Software Engineer

Software Engineer 1

Software Engineer 2

Software Engineer 3

Software Engineer 4

Software Engineer 5

Software Engir 3

Software Engr

Software Engr 1

Software Engr 2

Software Engr 3

Software Engr 4

Software Engr 5

Software Engr 6

Software QA Engineer

Software Quality Assurance, Team Leader

Software Safety Assurance Engr

Sourcing Engineer

Sourcing Specialist

Spares/Sales Administrator

Specialist 1, Quality Technician

Specialist 2, Quality Technician

Specialist Buyer

Specialist Lean

Specialist Maintenance

Specialist Quality Technician

Specialist, Quality Technician

Specialist; Shipping & Receiving

Sr In Supply Coord

Sr Product Quality Engr

Sr Project Manager

Sr Quality Manager

Sr Reliability & Quality Engr

Sr. Accountant

Sr. Buyer

Sr. Field Service Technician

Sr. Field Specialist

Sr. Manager, Locomotive OE Sales

Sr. Project Manager

Sr. Project Mgr

Sr. Quality & Reliability Engr

Sr. Regional Sales Manager

Sr. Supplier Quality Engr

Sr. Supply Chain Engineer

Staff Accountant

Staff Accountant - Merak & IFE

Staff Accountant / HVAC

Staff Accountant 1

Staff Accountant 2

Strategic Purchasing Manager

Sub-Project Manager

Sub-Project Manager/Mechanical Engineer


Supervisor Aftermarket Sales

Supervisor Srv Rep

Supervisor, Customer Service

Supervisor, Graphics & Documentation

Supervisor, Materials

Supervisor, Production

Supervisor, Repair Shop

Supervisor, Warehouse

Supplier Quality

Supplier Quality Assur Engr Sr

Supplier Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Engineer 1

Supplier Quality Engineer 2

Supplier Quality Engineer Sr

Supplier Quality Engr

Supplier Quality Manager

Supply Chain Analyst

Supply Chain Business Process Manager

Supply Chain Business Process Spc

Supply Chain Business Process Spc-PTEC

Supply Chain Coordinator

Supply Chain Engineer

Supply Chain Engineer 2

Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager-PREMTEC

Supply Chain Material Planner

Supply Chain Supervisor

Supply Chain Tools & Processes Manager

Sustaining Engr

Sys Engr 3

System Test Engr 1

System Test Engr 2

System Test Engr 3

System Test and Commissioning Engineer

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineer 1

Systems Engineer 2

Systems Engineer 3

Systems Engineer 4

Systems Engineer 5

Systems Engineer Doors

Systems Engineer II

Systems Engineer Jr

Systems Engr

Systems Engr 1

Systems Engr 2

Systems Engr 3

Systems Engr 4

Systems Engr 4 Validation

Systems Engr 5

Systems Engr 6

Systems Engr Manager

Systems Safety Assurance Engr

Systems Team Mgr

Systems Test Engineer 1

Systems Test Engineer 2

Systems Test Engineer 3

Systems Test Engineer 4

Systems Test Engr 1

Systems Test Engr 2

Systems Test Engr 3

Systems Test Engr 4

Systems Test Lab Lead

TDS Assistant Controller

TDS Asst Controller

TDS Site Lead & Sr. Product Line Manager

Tactical Purchasing Manager

Tax Manager

Team Lead - Goods Receiving

Team Lead - High Rack Storage

Team Lead - Kardex

Team Lead - Material Handling

Team Lead - Shipping

Team Leader - Repair and Warranty CSR

Team Leader - Repair and Warrenty CSR

Team Leader CCB Systems Engr

Team Leader CCC

Team Leader Complaint Management

Team Leader Enger IT Infrstructr Dev-Ops

Team Leader Engr

Team Leader Engr Air Supply

Team Leader Engr Mechanical

Team Leader Engr Services

Team Leader Engr Software

Team Leader Engr Systems

Team Leader Engr Test

Team Leader PMO

Team Leader Process Engr

Team Leader Sales Project Manager

Team Leader Test Engr

Team Leader, Brake Control Sys Test Eng

Team Leader, Mechanical Systems Engineer

Team Leader, Paint Cell

Team Leader, Test Engineering

Team Leader, Warehouse

Team Leaders Engr Mechanical


Technical Documentation Spec

Technical Documentation Spec 3

Technical Illustrator

Technical Publications Team Lead

Technical Trainer

Technical Writer

Technical Writer 2

Technical Writer 3

Technical Writer/Trainer

Technician 1

Technician 2

Technician 3

Technician 4

Technician, Service

Territory Manager, Mexico

Test & Commissioning Manager

Test Engineer

Test Engineer 1

Test Engineer 2

Test Engineer 3

Test Engineer 4

Test Engineer 5

Test Engineer IV

Test Engr

Test Engr 1

Test Engr 2

Test Engr 3

Test Engr 4

Test Engr 5

Test Engr 5S

Test Tech 1

Test Tech 2

Test Technician

Test Technician 1

Testing Commissioning Manager

Tool/Model Maker - Cell Leader

Toolmaker (HS)

Toolmaker/Model Maker

Toolmaker/Model Maker - Cell Leader

Tools & Processes Manager

Tools&Configuration Engineer Specialist

Trans Export Clerk

Trans/Customs Compliance Business Lead

Transportation Compliance Specialist

Transportation Manager

Truck Driver/Material Handler

VP Engineering

VP Finance & Controlling

VP Marketing and Sales

VP Operations

VP Quality & Program Mgt

VP of Operations

Validation & Test Manager

Vice President, CoC Brakes

Vice President, Contracts

Vice President, Finance

Vice President, On-Board Systems

Warehouse & Shipping Specialist

Warehouse Clerk 1

Warehouse Clerk 2

Warehouse Clerk Lead

Warehouse Labor

Warehouse Lead

Warehouse Logistics Spec

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse SAP Coord

Warehouse Shipping Lead

Warehouse Supervisor

Warehouse Supervisor II

Warehouse Supervisor, Alt Shift


Warehousing - 1st Shift

Warehousing - 2nd Shift

Warehousing - 3rd Shift

Warehousing - Shift Lead

Warehousing Lead (B-Core)

Warehousing Section Leader

Warranty Data Analyst

Warranty Data Analyst 2

Warranty Data Analyst 3

Watertown/Premtec Assistant Controller

Welder / Brazer

Western Regional Sales Manager

Wheatland Labor

Wheatland Shop Labor