Wabtec Eligible Job Titles

The job titles in the Settlement Class are listed below for persons who worked from January 1, 2009 through April 3, 2018 for Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation or its subsidiaries, including Wabtec Railway Electronics, Inc., Railroad Controls, L.P., and Xorail, Inc., or from June 1, 2010 through April 3, 2018 for Faiveley Transport, S.A. or Faiveley Transport North America Inc..

1 - Assembly

1 - Clean

1 - Inspection

1 - Line Leader

1 - Seal/Test

1 - Specialty Welder/Subarc

1 - Subarc/Lathe

1 - Subarc/Teardown

1 - Supervisor

1 - Teardown

1 - Technical Advisor

1 - Welder

2 - Buff & Clean

2 - Clean

2 - Supervisor

2 - Teardown

2nd Shift - Subarc/Lathe

ASCTD Manager

ASCTD Technician

ASCTD/G & B Install Technician

Account Receivables Manager


Accountant, Cost

Accounting Analyst

Accounting Clerk

Accounting Manager

Accounting Payable

Accounting Specialist

Accounting Specialist/Hourly

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Payable, Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Accounts Receivables Manager

Administrative Manager, RS

Administrator, PTC Field Service

After Market Sales Representative

Aftermarket Bid Estimator

Aftermarket Sales Representative

Air Compressor Technician

Air Compressor Technician Line Leader

Air Dryer TBCA

Airbrake - BC

Airbrake Foreman

Airbrake/Airdryer - Teardown

Airdryer - TD

Altoona, PA - FST


Analyst, Servicenow

Application Developer II

Application Engineer

Application Engineer - SFRTA

Application Engineering - Group Lead

Application Engineering Technician

Area Coordinator


Assembly & Test Operator

Assembly - Material Handler Kitter

Assembly I

Assembly II

Assembly III

Assembly Lead

Assembly Specialist

Assembly Technician

Assembly Technician I

Assembly Technician II

Assembly Technician Lead


Assembly/TD/Clean/Initial Inspection


Assistant Controller

Assistant Corporate Controller

Assistant Manager, Sourcing

Assistant Program Manager

Assistant Project Manager

Assistant Signalman

Assistant Team Lead

Assistant Treasurer & Director, Finance

Assistant Treasurer & Director, Tax

Assistant Vice President, Construction

Assistant Vice President, Engineering

Assistant Vice President, IT & App Development

Assistant Vice President, Information Service

Assistant Vice President, Validation

Assistant Wireman

Associate Program Manager

Audit Manager

Audit Manager - Projects

Bid Engineer

Bids & Estimation Manager

Bms Engineer

Bore Operator

Boring Foreman

Boring Operator

Broing Operator

Budget Analyst

Budget Analyst Part Time


Buff Or Piston

Building Service Worker

Business Analyst

Business Analyst II

Business Analyst III

Business Intelligence Developer



CAD Designer III

CAD Engineer

CAD Support Specialist

CAD Technician

CAD Technician I

CAD Technician I - As In Service

CAD Technician II

CAD Technician II - As In Service

CAD Technician III


CDL Truck Driver

CNC Machine Operator

CNC Machine Operator I

CNC Machine Operator II

CNC Machine Operator III

CNC Machine Operator/Assembly

CNC Machine Operator/Programer

CNC Machine Programmer

CNC Machinist

CNC Machnist Operator I

CNC Operator

CNC Operator Programmer

CS Account Manager

CS Inside Sales Rep I

Cable Locator

Cable Locator Foreman

Calibration Technician

Cash Application Manager

Cash Application Specialist

Category Manager

Cell Leader

Cell Operator

Certified Crane Operator



Client Support Specialist

Client Support Specialist I

Client Support Specialist II

Client Support Specialist III

Commodity Buyer

Commodity Purchasing Manager

Communications Engineer

Composite Technician

Compressor Design Engineer

Compressor Line

Compressor Line Lead

Compressor Mechanic

Compressor Teardown

Compressor Teardown & Sub Assembly

Compressor Teardown Line Leader

Compressor Technician

Compressor Technician Line Leader

Compressor Technician Trainer

Compressor Technician, Head Assembly

Compressor Technician, Teardown

Compressor Technician/Special Projects


Computer Systems Analyst

Contract Administrator

Contracts Manager


Controller & Manager, Material

Controller, Wabtec Global Service

Coordinator, Accounting

Coordinator, Data Documentation

Coordinator, Facility

Coordinator, Maintenance

Coordinator, Material

Coordinator, Operations & Planning

Coordinator, PTC

Coordinator, Process Engineering

Coordinator, Production

Coordinator, Purchasing

Coordinator, QA & QPS

Coordinator, QPS

Coordinator, QPS  & Quality

Coordinator, Quality

Coordinator, Remanufacturing

Coordinator, Safety

Coordinator, Sales & Marketing

Coordinator, Ship

Coordinator, Ship, Receive

Coordinator, Ship, Receive & Traffic

Coordinator, Warranty Returns

Corporate EHS Compliance Manager

Corporate EHS Training Manager

Cost Accountant

Cost Accounting Manager

Cost Estimator

Coupler Production & Overhaul Lead

Crane Operator


Crewman (Lead Man)

Customer Sales & Service Representative

Customer Service Account Manager

Customer Service Administrator

Customer Service Representative

Cycle Counter III

Data Entry Clerk

Database Engineer

Demand Management Analyst

Deputy Project Manager

Deputy Supply Chain Director

Design Drafter

Design Engineer

Design Engineer, Couplers



Director - Construction

Director Contracts Administration

Director Finance, Freight Service

Director Of Contracts

Director Of Fleet

Director Of In Service Testing

Director Of NPR & I Sourcing

Director Of Sourcing

Director Of Sourcing Electronics Group

Director Quality - Freight

Director Quality – Elastomers, Heat Exchangers & Turbochargers

Director Quality – Freight Service & Mexico

Director, Aftermarket Operations

Director, Application Service

Director, Business Development

Director, Business Systems

Director, Construction

Director, Continuous Improvement

Director, Corporate Development

Director, Customer Support

Director, Electronics & PTC Aftermarket

Director, Engineering

Director, Engineering Process & Quality

Director, Engineering Quality

Director, Freight Wep/Lean

Director, Global Logistics

Director, Global Supply Chain

Director, In Service Testing

Director, Information Service

Director, Infrastructure & Operations

Director, International Business Development & Operations

Director, Locomotive OEM Sales

Director, Locomotive Service

Director, Marketing

Director, Marketing & Customer Service

Director, Material

Director, Material Management

Director, OE Sales

Director, Operations

Director, Operations & Support

Director, Product Evaluation

Director, Program Management

Director, Project Development

Director, Project Engineering

Director, Project Management

Director, Purchasing

Director, Purchasing & Supply Chain

Director, Quality

Director, Quality Control

Director, Quality, Training & Safety

Director, Safety

Director, Sales

Director, Sales & Marketing

Director, Sales & Marketing For Engine Cooling

Director, Software Development

Director, Software Engineering

Director, Spares & Trading Business Unit

Director, Supply Chain & Customer Service

Director, Supply Chain Logistics

Director, System Engineering

Director, Systems Engineering

Director, Systems Testing

Director, Tax

Director, Train Control & Communications

Director, Transit Marketing

Director, WGS Service Centers

Document Control/Planning Clerk


Drafter II

Dynamometer Technician

EHS Coordinator

EHS Technician

EHS/QPS  Coordinator

EOCC - LAithe

EOCC - Shift 1

EOCC - Shift 2

EOCC Production Manager

EOCC Welder - Shift 1

EOT Technician

EPIC/FB Lead Technician

Electrical & Software Engineering - Group Lead

Electrical Designer

Electrical Engineer

Electronic Assembly I

Electronic Assembly II

Electronics Engineer

Electronics Hardware Engineer

Electronics Supervisor

Electronics Technician

Electronics Technician I

Electronics Technician/Passenger Transit

Electronics Technician/TD - BC - Assembly - Test

Embedded Software Engineer



Engineer - Hourly

Engineer, Rams

Engineering Aide

Engineering Analyst

Engineering Assistant

Engineering Assistant I

Engineering Assistant II

Engineering Assistant III

Engineering Change Support

Engineering Clerk

Engineering Designer

Engineering Project Admin I

Engineering Project Manager

Engineering Service Technician

Engineering Specialist

Engineering Support Associate

Engineering Support Coordinator

Engineering Support Specialist

Engineering Technician

Enterprise Architect





Facilities Manager/ME/Quality

Facilities Technician

Fellow Engineer

Field Sales Representative

Field Service - Salary

Field Service Engineer

Field Service Representative

Field Service Supervisor

Field Service Technician

Field Service Technician - Amtrak - Chicago

Field Service Technician - Amtrak - LA

Field Service Technician - Denver Eagle

Field Service Technician - MARC

Field Service Technician - Metrolink

Field Signal Electronics Engineer I

Field Signal Test Engineer

Field Signal Test Engineer III

Field Technician

Field Test Engineer

Field Test Technician

Finance Director, Global Treasury

Finance Director, Tax

Financial Analyst

Floater, Ship, Rec.


Foreman (Craftworker)

Foreman (Laborer)

Foreman, Composite Technicians

Foreman, Construction

Foundation Brake Lead

Freight & Locomotive Teardown

Freight Assembly

Freight CNC Machine Operator

Freight CNC Machine Operator/Teardown

Freight Line Manager

Freight Teardown

Freight Teardown & Assembly

Freight Teardown Line Leader

Freight Teardown, Assembly & Test

Freight Test Rack Operator

Freight Test Rack Operator Line Leader

Freight Test Rack Operator/Quality Assurance




GW/TD - BC - Assembly

GW/TD - BC - Assembly - Test

GW/TD - Buff & Clean

General Accountant

General Supervisor

Global Category Manager

Global Commodity Leader

Global Commodity Leader – Indirect Sourcing

Global Project Manager

Global Treasury Analyst

Group Controller

Group Controller - Electronics Group

Group Controller - Frieght Group

Group Controller - Shared Service

Group Leader

Group Leader, Operative

Group Leader, QPS

HSE Supervisor

HVAC Lead Technician

HVAC Mechanical Engineer III

HVAC Technician

HVAC Technician III

HW/SW Lead Engineer

Head Assembly

Head TD/Clean Head Assy

Heat Exchanger Shop Foreman


Hydraulic Manufacturing Director

Hydraulics Design Engineer

Hydraulics Lead Engineer

Hydraulics Lead Technician

Incoming Inspector

Industrial Customer Service Manager

Industrial Engineer

IngéNieur SystèMe

Inside Sales Account Manager


Inspector (Technicians)

Inspector A

Inspector B

Integration Test Manager

Internal Auditor

Inventory & Warehouse Clerk

Inventory Control Analyst

Inventory Control Clerk

Inventory Control Specialist

Inventory Coordinator

Inventory Cost Manager

Inventory Specialist

Inventory Technician

Junior Designer I

LSTR Project Technician

Laboratory Specialist A

Laboratory Technician



Lead AGTU Engineer

Lead Assembly

Lead Assembly Technician

Lead Buyer

Lead Composite Technician

Lead Construction Inspector

Lead Controls Engineer

Lead Crewman

Lead Data Analyst

Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer - Foundation Brakes

Lead Engineer – Couplers

Lead Engineer – Pneumatic Controls

Lead Engineer, Advance Engineering

Lead Engineer, Bogie Brakes

Lead Engineer, Test Lab

Lead Engineering

Lead Field Engineer

Lead Field Service Technical Representative

Lead Man

Lead Manufacturing Technician

Lead Material Handler (Craft Workers)

Lead Material Technician

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Lead PTC Installer - Shortline

Lead PTC Product Support Analyst

Lead PTC Technician

Lead Painter

Lead Pneumatics Engineer

Lead Production Associate

Lead Project Coordinator

Lead Proposal Engineer

Lead Senior Systems Engineer

Lead Ship & Receive

Lead Signal Test Engineer

Lead Systems Analyst

Lead Systems Engineer

Lead Systems Trainer

Lead Technician

Lead Test Engineer

Lead Tool & Die Technician

Lead Wireman

Lead, Engineering


Leader, Planner/Expediter A

Line Lead

Line Lead, Assembly

Line Lead, Test Rack

Line Lead, Test/Fail Analysis

Line Leader Parts/Material Handler

Loco/Buff & Clean

Loco/Buff Or Piston

Loco/TD - Buff & Clean

Locomotive Assembly

Locomotive Line Leader

Locomotive Line Manager

Locomotive Operator

Locomotive Teardown

Locomotive Teardown & Assembly

Locomotive Test

Locomotive Test Rack Operator

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinator/Supervisor

Logistics Specialist

MRR Coordinator

Machine Operator

Machine Programmer

Machining Operations Manager

Machining Performance Engineer


Machinist (Craft Workers)

Machinist (Operatives)


Maintenance Assistant

Maintenance Associate

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Mechanic

Maintenance Operator

Maintenance Supervisor

Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician (Craft Workers)

Maintenance Technician (Technicians)

Maintenance Technician II

Maintenance Technician Leader

Maintenance Worker (Craft Worker)

Maintenance Worker (Operatives)


Manager - Billing, Construction

Manager - Hourly

Manager Of Accounting

Manager Of Construction Operations

Manager Tool Design

Manager, Accounting

Manager, Advanced Engineering

Manager, After Market Business

Manager, After Market Engineering

Manager, Aftermarket Service

Manager, Assembly Operations

Manager, Assembly Production

Manager, Billing & Accounts Receivable

Manager, Brake Product Engineering

Manager, Business Analyst

Manager, Business Development

Manager, Business Operations

Manager, Business Planning & SC

Manager, CAD

Manager, CS Inside Sales

Manager, CS Regional

Manager, Communications

Manager, Communications Systems

Manager, Construction

Manager, Contracts

Manager, Corporate Accounting

Manager, Corporate Communications

Manager, Corporate Quality

Manager, Coupler Product Engineering

Manager, Credit, Cost Estimator, Senior

Manager, Customer Service

Manager, Customer Service & Pricing

Manager, Customer Service & Project Manager

Manager, Deputy Project

Manager, Design Engineering

Manager, Drafting

Manager, EHS

Manager, Electronic Product Service

Manager, Embedded Systems

Manager, Embedded Systems Engineering

Manager, Engineering

Manager, Engineering & Fields Service

Manager, Engineering & Production

Manager, Engineering & QPS

Manager, Engineering & Quality Assurance

Manager, Engineering Service

Manager, Engineering Support

Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety

Manager, Field Service

Manager, Field Service & Training

Manager, Field Service Engineering

Manager, Financial Compliance

Manager, Global Category

Manager, Global Enterprise Architecture

Manager, Global Trade

Manager, Health, Safety & Environmental

Manager, Hydraulics

Manager, Infrastructure - Americas

Manager, Lab

Manager, Logistics

Manager, Logistics & Production

Manager, Machine, Fabrication & Welding

Manager, Machining

Manager, Machining Operations

Manager, Maintenance

Manager, Manufacturing

Manager, Manufacturing Engineering

Manager, Manufacturing Engineering & Maintenance

Manager, Marketing

Manager, Marketing Communication

Manager, Marketing/Sales Application

Manager, Material

Manager, Material Control

Manager, Material Lab

Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Manager, Mfg. Engineering & Facilities

Manager, New Product Development

Manager, OEM Marketing

Manager, Operation

Manager, Operations

Manager, Operations & Production

Manager, Operations & Support - West

Manager, PTC Operations

Manager, Parts

Manager, Planning

Manager, Plant Engineering

Manager, Pricing, Proposal & Customer Service

Manager, Process Improvement

Manager, Procurement

Manager, Product Design

Manager, Product Line

Manager, Production

Manager, Production - VBI

Manager, Production Machining, Fabrication & Welding

Manager, Production Planning

Manager, Production Shop

Manager, Project Controlling

Manager, Project Engineering

Manager, Project Quality

Manager, Purchasing

Manager, Purchasing - Hourly

Manager, QPS

Manager, QPS  & Safety

Manager, Quality

Manager, Quality Assurance

Manager, Quality Assurance/QPS

Manager, Quality Performance Systems

Manager, Rams/LCC

Manager, Regional Field Service

Manager, Regional Sales

Manager, Reject

Manager, Safety

Manager, Safety & IP

Manager, Safety Assurance

Manager, Sales

Manager, Sales & Service

Manager, Sales Central Region

Manager, Sales Eastern Region

Manager, Sales Western Region

Manager, Senior Project Manager

Manager, Senior Supplier Quality

Manager, Service Center

Manager, Service Desk - Americas

Manager, Shop Operations

Manager, Signal Construction

Manager, Software Engineering

Manager, Software Test Engineering

Manager, Sourcing

Manager, Southeast Regional

Manager, Special Projects

Manager, Standards & Special Projects

Manager, Supplier Quality

Manager, Supply Chain

Manager, Supply Chain - Vapor Bus International & Ricon Corporation

Manager, System Engineering

Manager, Systems Engineering

Manager, Systems Infrastructure

Manager, Systems Safety Engineering

Manager, Systems Testing

Manager, Tax

Manager, Technical

Manager, Technical Documentation

Manager, Technical Project

Manager, Technical Sales & Marketing

Manager, Technical Sales & Service

Manager, Technical Service

Manager, Technical Support

Manager, Technical Training

Manager, Technician Pubs

Manager, Test Engineering

Manager, Transit PTC Operations

Manager, Transit Sales & Service

Manager, Transit Sales - North America

Manager, WGS Compressor Product Lines

Manager, WGS Transit Service

Manager, Wabtec Performance Systems

Manager, Warehouse

Manufacturing - Hourly Direct

Manufacturing Analyst

Manufacturing Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer/Coordinator, QPS

Manufacturing Engineering Analyst

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Manufacturing Supervisor

Manufacturing Technician

Manufacturing Technician - Lead

Manufacturing Tool Crib Technician

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Assistant

Marketing Specialist

Master Planner

Master Scheduler

Material & Planning Supervisor

Material Associate II

Material Clerk

Material Clerk II

Material Coordinator

Material Expediter

Material Expeditor

Material Handler

Material Handler (Craft Workers)

Material Handler (Laborer)

Material Handler (Operatives)

Material Handler III

Material Handler Lead

Material Handler Rec I

Material Handler Rec II

Material Handler Ship I

Material Handler Ship II

Material Handler/Oiler

Material Handler/Parts/Inventory

Material Inventory Specialist

Material Lead

Material Manager I

Material Planner

Material Planning Specialist

Material Technician

Material Technicians


Mechanic (Craft Worker)

Mechanic (Operatives)

Mechanic Fabricator

Mechanical Assembly I

Mechanical Assembly II

Mechanical Assembly Senior

Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer II

Mechanical Technician

Methods & Industrialization Manager

Methods Engineer

Midwest/Southwest Sales & Service Manager

Mill Room Assistant

Mill Room Operator

Mixer Operator

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut Weigh - Up)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut Weigh - Up, Std. Build)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut, Standard Build, Weigh - Up)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut, Weigh - Up)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut, Weigh - Up, Standard Build)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant (Punch, Flashcut, Weigh - Up, Std. Build)

Mixer/Prep Operator Assistant Punch, Flashcut Weigh - Up)

Mold Design Technician

Motor Pull/Paint

Multi Service Operator

NPR & I Buyer

NPR Buyer

Network Application Developer

Network Engineer




OBS - Sunrail

OBS Technician - MARC

Onboard Support Technician - Ace

Onboard Support Technician - Caltrain

Onboard Support Technician - Regional PTC

Onboard Support Technician - SFRTA

Operations & Maintenance Manager

Operations & Planning Coordinator


Operator (Craft Workers)

Oracle Application Developer II

Oracle Application Developer III

Oracle Application Lead Developer

Oracle Developer

Oracle Development Project Lead

Oracle Service Specialist

Order Correspondent A

PCB Design Lead

PTC Application Engineer

PTC Application Engineer Technician

PTC Application Engineer Technician - SFRTA

PTC FST - (Trainer)

PTC FST - Kansas City

PTC FST - Selkrik, Ny

PTC Field Service - CSX - TN

PTC Field Service Technician

PTC Help Desk Analyst

PTC Installation Manager

PTC Installation Manager - LA

PTC Installer

PTC Installer - Fort Worth

PTC Installer - LA

PTC Installer - LAJ

PTC Installer - MARC

PTC Installer - Regional PTC

PTC Installer - SFRTA

PTC Installer - Shortline

PTC Installer - Sunrail

PTC Intaller

PTC Intaller - Shortline

PTC Integration Engineer

PTC Integration Engineer - Brazil

PTC Integration Engineer - Hourly

PTC Integration Trainer

PTC Lead Installer

PTC Lead Installer - Shortline

PTC Lead Installer - Sunrail

PTC Manager

PTC Onboard Support Technician

PTC Operations Manager

PTC Product Support Analyst

PTC Project Manager

PTC Repair Technician

PTC Support Technician - NS Support

PTC System Integration Engineer

PTC Systems Instructor

PTC Technical Trainer

PTC Technician

PTC Technician - Regional PTC

PTC Technician - Shortline

PTS & Freight DB Supervisor


Paint/Final Inspection

Paint/Final Inspection/Clean


Painter & Test

Painter (Craft Workers)

Painter I

Painter II

Parts Coordinator - Compressor Line

Passenge Transit Teardown & Assembly

Passenger Test Rack Operator

Passenger Transit Assembly

Passenger Transit Teardown

Passenger Transit Teardown & Assembly

Passenger Transit Teardown Technician

Passenger Transit Teardown/Assembly

Passenger Transit Technician

Passenger Transit Test Rack Operator

Piston TB

Piston TBAT

Piston Teardown Operator

Piston Test



Piston/TD - BC - Assembly

Piston/TD - BC - Assembly - Test


Planner/Expediter A

Planner/Expediter B



Planning Assistant

Plant Manager

Plant Performance Director

Plate Prep Operator

Portal/Web Developer III

Power & Information Systems Leader

Prep Operator (Calender, Extrude, Mixer, Mills)

Prep Operator (Calender, Extrude, Mixer, Mixer Mills)

Press Brake Operator II

Press Brake Operator III

Press Operator (1000T, 1650T, Stretch

Press Operator - (McNeil, Rdfl)

Press Operator - (McNeil, Small Desma, Pentaject)

Press Operator - 1000T, 1650T, Stretch

Press Operator - 4 - Press, 5 - Press, Platen

Press Operator - LArge Desma

Press Operator - McNeil, Small Desma, Pentaject

Press Operator - Rubber Demand Flow Line

Press Operator Check Valve

Press Operator Hinge Press

Press Operator Large Injection

Press Operator Large Platen

Press Operator McNeil Small Desma Pentaject

Press Operator Ring Lathe

Press Operator Rubber Demand Flow Line

Press Operator Small Injection

Press Operator Small Platen

Press Opertor Small Platen

Pricing Manager

Principal Architect

Principal Data Scientist

Principal Engineer

Principal Field Test Engineer

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Principal Product Engineer Crb

Principal Quality Engineer

Principal Safety Engineer

Principal Software Architect

Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Test Engineer

Principal Systems Engineer

Principal Systems Safety Engineer

Principal Test Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Quality Supervisor

Procurement Agent

Product Application Specialist

Product Data Analyst

Product Engineer

Product Engineering Technician

Product Line Engineer

Product Line Manager

Product Line Systems Engineer

Product Manager

Product Manager, HVAC

Product Support Manager

Production & Electronics Technician

Production Assembly

Production Associate

Production Clerk

Production Coordinator

Production Lead

Production Line Lead

Production Line Leader

Production Line Leader - 1st Shift

Production Line Leader - MARC

Production Line Supervisor/TD - BC - Assembly - Test

Production Planner

Production Technician

Production Worker

Production Worker (Operatives)

Production Worker A

Production Worker B

Production/Planning Clerk

Program Assistant

Program Manager

Program Manager (Mid - Level Manager)

Program Manager (Professional)

Project Accountant

Project Administrator

Project Administrator I

Project Analyst

Project Assistant

Project Buyer

Project Controller

Project Controlling Manager

Project Coordinator

Project Engineer

Project Engineer - Ace

Project Engineer - NICTD

Project Management

Project Management - Hourly Direct

Project Manager

Project Manager (Mid - Level Manager)

Project Manager (Professional)

Project Manager - MARC

Project Manager - SFRTA

Project Manager - Sunrail

Project Manager - Track Service

Project Manager I

Project Manager II

Project Manager III

Project Manager Of In Service Testing

Project Manufacturing Engineer

Project Quality Engineer

Project Scheduler

Project Service

Project Specialist

Proposal Manager

Proposal Specialist

Prototype Specialist/Product Development Eng Support

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agent II

Purchasing Specialist

QA Analyst II

QA Manager

QA Manager, WGS


QPS  Coordinator

QPS  Engineer

QPS  Technician

Qualified Crewman

Qualified Crewman Foreman

Quality Analyst

Quality Assurance Analyst

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Inspector

Quality Assurance Inspector - Caltrain

Quality Assurance Inspector - MARC

Quality Assurance Inspector - NICTD

Quality Assurance Inspector - Sunrail

Quality Assurance Specialist II

Quality Assurance Technician

Quality Assurance Technician - MARC

Quality Assurance Technician(Operatives)

Quality Control Inspector/Auditor

Quality Control Specialist

Quality Engineer

Quality Manager

Quality Specialist

Quality Technician

Quality Test Engineer

Quotes & Proposals Lead

Quotes & Proposals Manager

Quotes & Proposals Specialist

RMA Coordinator

Rams Engineer

Rams/LCC System Engineer

Receive Clerk

Receive Clerk (Administrative Support)

Receive Lead

Receive, Airbrake

Receive, UP

Recor - Teardown

Regional Vice President, International Sales

Relief Foreman

Report Developer

Research & Development Engineer

Responsable Bureau D'Etude Cvs


SCM Engineer

Safety & QAI - Sunrail

Safety Engineer

Safety Manager

Safety Manager Of AAF

Safety/QPS  Supervisor

Sales & Service Representative

Sales & Service Specialist

Sales Administrator

Sales Director Freight Car

Sales Director Infrastructure

Sales Director Locomotive

Sales Director Train Control

Sales Engineer

Sales Regional Manager

Sales Representative


Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant/Analysis

Senior Advisory Engineer

Senior Analyst

Senior Analyst, Treasury

Senior Application Engineer

Senior Assembly, Wiring

Senior Bonder

Senior Business Analyst

Senior Buyer

Senior CAD Design

Senior Communications Engineer

Senior Contract Administrator

Senior Cost Accountant

Senior Customer Service Administrator

Senior Design Engineer

Senior Designer

Senior Director, Business Development

Senior Director, Engineering

Senior Director, Office Product Line

Senior Director, Operations & Customer Support

Senior Director, Program Management

Senior Director, Systems Development

Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electro Mechanical Assembly

Senior Electronic Assembly

Senior Electronics Engineer

Senior Electronics Engineer I

Senior Electronics Engineer II

Senior Electronics Technician

Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer, Coupler Design

Senior Engineer, Couplers

Senior Engineer, Pneumatics

Senior Engineering Application Specialist

Senior Engineering Designer

Senior Engineering Manager

Senior Engineering Support Specialist

Senior Field Service Representative

Senior Finance Director - Electronics Group

Senior Finance Director - Freight Group

Senior Finance Director - Freight Service Group

Senior Finance Director - Industrial Group

Senior Finance Director, Financial Planning & Analysis

Senior Finance Director, Treasury

Senior Financial Analyst

Senior Global Treasury Analyst

Senior Group Leader

Senior Internal Auditor

Senior Maintenance Technician

Senior Maintenance Test Rack Technician

Senior Manager, Accounting

Senior Manager, Corporate Accounting

Senior Manager, Corporate Tax

Senior Manager, Electronics Design

Senior Manager, Engineering

Senior Manager, Global Trade

Senior Manager, International Marketing

Senior Manager, Service Desk - Americas

Senior Manager, Software Engineering

Senior Manager, Tax

Senior Manager, Technical Project

Senior Manager, Treasury

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Senior Manufacturing Engineering Analyst

Senior Manufacturing Engineering Specialist

Senior Material Clerk

Senior Material Estimator

Senior Material Planner

Senior Mechanical Assembly

Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Senior Network Engineer

Senior Planner

Senior Principal Engineer

Senior Product Line Engineer

Senior Production Planner

Senior Program Coordinator

Senior Program Manager

Senior Project Accountant

Senior Project Administrator

Senior Project Coordinator

Senior Project Manager (Professional)

Senior Project Manager, Communications

Senior Project Scheduler

Senior Purchasing Specialist

Senior Quality Engineer

Senior Signal Designer

Senior Signal Engineer

Senior Software Architect

Senior Software Design Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Group Leader

Senior Software Specialist

Senior Software Test Engineer

Senior Software Test/Verification Engineer

Senior System Integration Test Engineer

Senior System Safety Engineer

Senior Systems & Communications Engineer

Senior Systems Architect

Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Integration Engineer

Senior Systems Safety Engineer

Senior Tax Accountant

Senior Tax Analyst

Senior Technical Advisor

Senior Technical Project Manager

Senior Technician

Senior Test Engineer

Senior Test Technician

Senior Web Application Engineer

Senior Wiring Assembly

Service Desk Lead

Service Desk Specialist

Service Director

Service Manager

Service Manager - CSX

Service Manager - NS Support

Service Test Engineer

Set Up Operator

Set Up Technician

Ship & Receive Clerk

Ship & Receive Clerk I

Ship & Receive II

Ship & Receive III

Ship Associate

Ship Clerk

Ship Clerk (Administrative Support)

Ship Clerk (EEO - Administrative Support)

Ship Department Line Leader

Ship Lead

Ship Lead - First Shift

Ship, Packer

Ship, Receive

Ship, Receive (Laborer)

Ship, Receive (Operatives)

Ship, Receive Clerk

Ship, Receive Manager

Ship, Receive, Kit, Final Pack

Shop Foreman

Shop Painter

Shop Painter/Freight Teardown

Shop Painter/Freight Test Rack Operator

Signal Construction Inspector

Signal Designer

Signal Designer I

Signal Designer II

Signal Engineer

Signal Engineer I

Signal Engineer II

Signal Engineer III

Signal Inspector

Signal Inspector II

Signal Test Engineer

Signal Test Technician


Single Car Test, Teardown & Assembly

Site Accounting Lead

Small Parcel Ship

Software & Electrical Engineer

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software QA Analyst I

Software Quality Analyst

Software Quality Assurance Analyst II

Software Technical Associate

Software Test Analyst

Software Test Engineer

Solutions Engineer

Sourcing Specialist

Special Products Assembly

Special Products TBA

Special Products TBC

Special Products TD - BC - Assembly

Special Products Teardown

Special Products Test

Special Products/TD - Buff & Clean

Special Projects Coordinator

Special Projects/Compressor Technician

Specialty Welder/Subarc 1st Shift

Staff Accountant/AP Manager

Strategic Lead For Production & Test Engineering

Sub - Assembly Technician

Sub - Contractor Technical Representative

Sub Arc

Sub Arc/TD/Final Inspection

Sub Components

Sub Components Assy/Test


Subarc/Lathe - Shift 1

Subarc/Test/Paint/Final Inspection


Supervisor - 1st Shift

Supervisor - 2nd Shift

Supervisor - BNSF

Supervisor - Compressor Dept

Supervisor - Electronics Dept

Supervisor - Hourly

Supervisor - Locomotive

Supervisor - PTC Support

Supervisor - Passenger Transit

Supervisor - Small Freight, Piston & Slack Adjuster Line

Supervisor Cooler Lines

Supervisor Parts/Inventory Dept

Supervisor QA/Safety & Operations

Supervisor Radiator Lines

Supervisor Ship & Receive

Supervisor, Administration

Supervisor, CNC

Supervisor, Compressor Line

Supervisor, Construction

Supervisor, Customer Service

Supervisor, DO/HVAC/APS

Supervisor, EPIC

Supervisor, Engineering

Supervisor, Engineering Service

Supervisor, Fabrication

Supervisor, Field Service

Supervisor, Freight

Supervisor, Lead

Supervisor, Locomotive & Transit

Supervisor, Locomotive Service

Supervisor, Mainenance

Supervisor, Maintenance

Supervisor, Operations

Supervisor, PTC

Supervisor, PTC Product Support Help Desk

Supervisor, Piston/Slack Adjuster/SCTD

Supervisor, Plant

Supervisor, Production

Supervisor, Production Lead

Supervisor, Quality

Supervisor, Quality Assurance

Supervisor, Quality Test Engineering

Supervisor, Receive

Supervisor, Relays & Contactors

Supervisor, Sash

Supervisor, Service Desk America

Supervisor, Ship

Supervisor, Ship & Receive

Supervisor, Ship, Customer Service

Supervisor, Shop

Supervisor, Shop - Hourly

Supervisor, Supplier Quality

Supervisor, Test Engineering

Supervisor, Warehouse

Supplier Quality Engineer

Supplier Quality Lead

Supply Chain - Salary

Supply Chain Admin

Supply Chain Engineer

Supply Chain Specialist

Support Engineer

Suprvisor, Durox

Surveyor I

Surveyor II

System Integration Test Engineer

System Safety Engineer

System Test Engineer

Systems Analyst II

Systems Engineer

Systems Engineering Manager

Systems Engineering Technician

Systems Field Inspector 1

Systems Field Inspector I

Systems Integration Engineer

Systems Integration Manager

TBA & Test

TBA, Weld & Test


TD - Assembly

TD - Assembly - Test

TD - BC - Assembly - Test

TD - BC - Assembly - Test/Weld

TD - Test

TD/Initial Inspection/Clean

TDW Operator

Tax Senior

Team Lead - Ship

Team Lead Business Analyst

Team Lead Software Engineer

Team Lead Systems Engineer

Team Leader

Team Leader (Craft Workers)

Team Leader (Operatives)

Team Leader I

Team Leader II

Team Leader III

Team Leader, Service Parts

Tear Down/Cleaning Operator


Teardown, Assembly & Test

Teardown/Initial Inspection


Technical Advisor

Technical Analyst Service Delivery

Technical Director

Technical Project Manager

Technical Sales Advisor

Technical Service Manager

Technical Service Representative

Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist B

Technical Support Analyst

Technical Trainer

Technical Writer

Technical Writer - Hourly


Technician - HVAC

Technician I

Technician II

Technician Service Rep

Tender Analyst


Test Engineer

Test Engineering Technician

Test Rack Operator

Test Rack Operator (Craft Workers)

Test Rack Operator - Special Projects

Test Rack Operator Line Leader

Test Technician

Test/Final Inspection

Test/TD/Clean/Paint/Final Inspection

Tester - Airbrake



Tool & Die Machinist

Tool & Die Technician

Tool & Model Maker III

Tool & Mold Maker II

Tool Room Technician

Trade Compliance Analyst

Traffic & Material Control Operator

Trainer, Engineering

Treasurer & Vice President, Tax

Treasury Analyst

Triangle TBA

Triangle/Locomotive Teardown

Triangle/TD - BC - Assembly

Trim (Hand Punch, Cryogenic, Paint Line)

Trim (Hand, Punch, Cryogenic, Paint Line)

Trim (Hand, Punch, Cryogenic, Paint Line) Operator

Trim Operator (Hand, Punch, Cryogenic, Paint Line)

Truck Driver

UX Account Coordinator

Utility Engineer

Utility Operator

Vice President

Vice President - Corporate Initiatives

Vice President - Marketing & Product Planning

Vice President Customer Service, Freight Segment

Vice President Electronics Coe

Vice President Government Relations & Public Affairs

Vice President Line Management/Sales Freight Car

Vice President Locomotive Serv

Vice President Of Compensation & Benefits

Vice President Of Finance, Finance Processes & Systems

Vice President Of Operations

Vice President, CS & Freight Sales

Vice President, Claims Management & Bid Governance

Vice President, Construction

Vice President, Controller

Vice President, Corporate & Freight Quality

Vice President, Corporate Quality

Vice President, Corporate Safety & Environmental Compliance

Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Vice President, Engineering

Vice President, Finance & Global Treasury

Vice President, Finance & Group Controller

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Vice President, Freight Customer Service

Vice President, Freight Marketing & Sales

Vice President, Integration & Strategy

Vice President, Internal Audit

Vice President, International Business Development

Vice President, Investor Relations

Vice President, Marketing

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Freight Car

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Industrial

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Infrastructure

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Locomotive

Vice President, Marketing & Sales Train Control - Signaling - Analytics

Vice President, Marketing Freight Segment

Vice President, Operations & Business Development

Vice President, Product Development

Vice President, Program Management

Vice President, Project Management & Bid Governance

Vice President, Quality & Training

Vice President, Quotes & Proposals

Vice President, Rail Service

Vice President, Regional Sales

Vice President, Safety, Environment & Sustainability

Vice President, Sales

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freight Segment

Vice President, Sales Motivepower

Vice President, Sales North America

Vice President, Train Control

Wabtrax Tester/Support

Warehouse & Distribution Supervisor

Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse Coordinator

Warehouse Lead

Warehouse Worker (Craft Worker)

Warehouse Worker (Laborer)

Warranty & Reliability Engineer

Warranty & Repair Manager

Warranty Administrator

Warranty Manager

Warranty Technician

Warranty Technician, Lead

Web Portal Developer Level II


Welder (Craft Workers)

Welder (Operatives)

Welder - 1st Shift

Welder - SFRTA

Welder I

Welder II


West Coast Regional Manager


Wiring Assembly II

Yard Controller